December 9th: Card of The Week: Opportunity.

Opportunity is this week’s card, Ace of Coins. Let’s take a look at the image. It is a magical hand, offering us a gold coin. Surrounding this is a beautiful and abundant landscape. See the path just behind? That is where we need to go to find this week’s opportunity. If you feel bereft of help and support this week, or are wondering where’s my golden opportunity, then maybe you are not looking sharply enough. There is ALWAYS opportunity energy happening!

The advice is to look at where the magical hands are coming from. Don’t project big life changing fantasies onto what you think will give you a happy life. This is about receiving gifts that make us richer in another way. Think about what can make your life more meaningful and beautiful. This is what will grow us the most. We can be easily fooled by gold and riches. The Ace of Coins is recognising the opportunity that is going to grow you in the most significant way.

Classically, Ace of Coins is about the presenting of new life, usually connected to new work, new home, new growth prospects. This Ace protects us when we need these things to come along. If you are waiting for help financially, have faith. Ask the universe to speed up and bring what will stabilise you. Notice the word ‘stabilise’. We are not asking for fantasy wealth. That will not grow us in the way that this Tarot card represents. Focus on what will make you stronger and better supported this week. It can come, if you trust in the strength of earth element’s blessings. Best of all, the presence of this card augments lucky breaks and the bringing on of what we need most.

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