December 10th: King of Swords

December 10th is King of Swords. He is air element and rules the mind and the movement of our thoughts. Choosing him, tells us that today’s energy has a serious air to what is going on. We have to be mature grown ups when this card appears. This is a time to make decisions and choices that will empower us and our wisdom. Sometimes, this King of Swords, is reflecting to us the need to look at the difficult things in life. He is saying, ‘you need to deal with this, there is no escape’.

Today it is better to face things with a clear mind and honest thinking than using avoidance. Gather strength from this great king, who has the oak tree to represent him. He shows us that we all have an ancient wisdom within us that will know what to do. In order to see this and develop it, we have to look in the right kind of direction. He faces the future and looks ahead.

Today, use this tarot card to look ahead and think with wisdom about how to be in challenging situations and be present in them. Our world is in chaos and each of us experience disappointment, loss and pain. The wisdom within us looks at this and doesn’t deny it or run away from it.
Do not run away and shut down as this world and it’s politics goes into melt down. Do not be hopeless. As long as you have a mind and you can think, you can make choices that can create change for the better. Be involved in the politics, the world issues, not just your own. Widen your view and see beyond yourself. After all, that is what every good and wise king must do.

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