December 12th: Joy & Harmony.

December 12th is joy and harmony. We have chosen the Two of Cups, water element and The Sun, Major Arcana card N019. This combination is a beautiful compliment to today’s full moon in Gemini. There are even twins in The Sun’s image. The key today is to bring joy and harmony into your day. These couples, both children and adults, are communicating on all levels. From our deepest aspirations to nurturing our closest relationships.

Loving and caring for one another is key today, as we experience this full moon. There is a sense of trust and respect in these images. We see direct eye contact and acknowledgement of one another. Be open and communicate with others with love or better not at all. These cards can help to defuse high tensions that are running through the UK with the election and world problems.

Joy and harmony come when we create brightness and balance in our being. Connect with others hearts and desires today. Especially the deep desire to be happy. So many of my clients are getting more and more depressed because of the state of the world and what lies ahead. These two tarot cards can help us to feel not helpless and hopeless, but empowered to be useful and important by being the light and harmony in our world.

Both Sun and Two of Cups urge us to talk to ourselves as well. Before we enter a new decade, ask yourself, what do I want for the next ten years? What is most important to me? Did I grow in this decade? Have my relationships, with myself and others deepened? How can I connect more deeply to joy and harmony in 2020? Bring this contemplation into your day and act, vote, live by these questions.

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