December 17th: Intuitive Wisdom

December 17th is intuitive wisdom. The Queens of Swords is asking us to to be true to ourselves today and beyond. Her sword is a reminder that inside us, there is an awareness that can cut through delusion and self doubt. This can be accessed through trusting our intuition, our gut instincts.

What might be bothering you today and what is it that might be going through your mind over and over? The Queen of Swords is asking us to tune into this with our intuitive wisdom. Feel these questions out, but don’t analyse them. She is showing us that what ever it is that needs attention, today is the time to address it. If you feel something is not right, or there is something you need to say and do, then clear this by cutting through your own doubts and confusion first. This tarot card is a taking action card. Be sure you are tuned into your truth before you act.

If you are needing to face something challenging, this tarot card’s presence means that today is probably the time to deal with it. This card can indicate official and legal issues also. If anything needs to be completed, submitted, gather inner concentration and push it out there. Cross the t’s and dot the i’s. There will be much more peace of mind if we can clear out our mental to do lists.

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