December 30th: Card of The Week: Ace of Cups & Kindness.

Card of the Week is Ace of Cups and kindness. This Tarot card is a healing balm, and a soothing aid to anyone who is in pain. It seems pain is around us everywhere. We must not switch off from what seems overbearing and too much. Open your heart and look into it. No one is saying you have to fix it all, once you see it, but we MUST all start to do our part. True kindness and compassion does not look away and shrug its shoulders. Please resolve to not do this again. If you do not relate to what I am saying, think about what you prefer to ignore around you.

Resolve to look into your heart this week and going into 2020. What are your qualities and gifts to give? If you do not recognise these, it is time to tune in. Human kindness is actually a very simple thing. It is time to get our heads out of the sand and think about others situations for more than a convenient moment. If we do not make the effort now to offer our kindness and our selves to the world, what is the point of being alive? If we can not be kind, even a little bit, what does that make us?

The Ace of Cups, represents kindness. I recommend spending time with this image. If you wish to do some visualisations and affirmations for 2020, this can assist you. If you are Buddhist, Chenrezig would be holding this cup. This is Christ’s chalice too. Think about what the great beings, Masters and Buddhas have brought to this world and what their messages are. This same potential is in us all, and the potential for kindness is in every moment. Let’s make 2020 a year, and a decade into a time of kindness and taking responsibility. I wish you a happy new year, and a happy decade ahead.

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