January 6th: Card of The Week: Courage.

January 6th’s card of the week is courage. Ten of Rods message to us is to cultivate this in challenging times. Traditionally the number ten in the Tarot, is about completion and the culmination. What we have been working towards is done. This week though the focus of this card is courage. We need to have willpower and strength in this overwhelming time. So much is happening around us in a time frame that is hard to fathom. In the first week of 2020, we are teetering on a war, and we are witnessing weather related catastrophes. What can we do to help this week?

Do not feel powerlessness. It is not helpful to yourself or anyone else. Each of us can do at least one action this week and the following weeks to make an impact. Give the positive collective conscious, more courage to be effective and to not give up. Have confidence that positive actions like giving and supporting those in need are forms of not surrendering to hopelessness. Acknowledging the world’s crisis and not turning away is a form of courage and strength. Connect to the power and strength of micro actions and being consistent in doing them. This will give you courage and you will be able to carry the collective burden of our world’s crisis with bravery.

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