January 14th: Rejuvenate.

January 14th is a message from the Queen of Rods that we need to rejuvenate. Who else is feeling the push to keep going and do more than we should? This Tarot card is about pausing with the busyness and have a comfy moment. Remind yourself to relax your body and mind and be aware of where your energy is at. Queen of Rods, is a health related card. She also has an intuition which is comparable to the High Priestess, card number two of the Major Arcana. Let your instincts be self care led today. Follow your inner wisdom for taking care of you. We need to pay attention to our wellbeing when this card appears to us. Rejuvenate your energies, for without good energy, it is a challenge to be positive and enjoy what you do.

Once we feel more rejuvenated, we are more empowered and strong. The principles of female strength are embodied by The Queen of Rods. Independent, kind, connected, a healer, and being free, are all aspects of this Tarot card’s nature. Apply some of these strengths to yourself today and take care of yourself. This is a stressful time both globally and astrologically. Go easy today and connect to self care and kindness.

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