January 15th: Take a Risk.

January 15th, is take a risk, and the card we have pulled is Freya, the Nordic Goddess. Today we need to connect to our brave and bold energy to enjoy whatever it is we desire. This often means we have to take a risk or another way of saying this is to reveal ourselves to others. Although this can feel vulnerable and too transparent, today is the day to cut through that with bold courage to get what you want. Don’t hold back. Freya has fearless and assertive energy in getting what she wants. If you have been languishing over something or some one, hold a clear intention about this and go for it.

Freya is a sexy and unafraid Goddess and she can help us when we are too cowardly to move forward. Be open and do not worry about revealing yourself too much or losing. Do not go there. This is a Goddess who can help facilitate a bold life change and help us to let our hair down and enjoy life more.

Whatever this advice means to you, just know you are unique, and your desires and dreams are too. They need to be appreciated and enjoyed. Take the plunge and dare to go for what means most to you. Connect to your own flirty and sexy energy, especially if you are holding back on a crush that won’t dissipate. Enjoy being brave and bold. It is such an alive and vibrant energy to dive into.

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