January 20th: Card of The Week: ‘Let Go’.

Card of the week for January 20th is ‘let go’. We have pulled the Death card, number 13 in the Major Arcana. This Tarot card looks ominous and menacing. Often, change can feel like this. If we are in a place of fear, it is hard to accept what needs to die away to support our growth. Death card energy is happening with force since 2020 began.

Look at the British Royal family, for instance, and how it is changing so much, and so dramatically. This story reflects the idea to let go really well. It is about taking a leap of faith, when we leave the old territory to enter the new. I think the Harry and Megan story is a great reflection of the brave and open energy it takes to let change happen to us, even if it involves pain. As cheesy as it sounds, where is your Harry and Megan story in your own life? What needs to be severed at its root, so you can grow anew?

Sometimes, it is external energies that holds the scythe, and other times it is in our own hands. This week, we can hold the knife and we can start to cut away at the rotting roots that we need to free ourselves from. The key is to acknowledge where and what this might be. Maybe new year resolutions already help us to identify this. maybe you know, but you are too scared to face it. Well, this week, start to face it and DO something that makes the first chop. With strong astrological influences from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we have to learn discipline and better self evolution. Otherwise, we are going to get stuck and be left behind and we will miss this immense opportunity to grow. So, let go where you know you must. There is only forward movement with Death.

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