January 27th: Card of The Week: Deepening Love.

January 27th’s card of the week is about deepening love. This is for both within us and for others. Traditionally, Isolt is a healer of the heart, and this Goddess’s story knows love tragedy better than anyone. What I am tuning into this week is for us is to deepen our connection to love and those we love. Isolt represents ‘true love’. What is that exactly? Each of us would have our own definition. This is connecting to love on the deepest possible level that goes beyond conditions. This level of love, lives beneath the layers of ego love.

Focus on Loved Ones

This week, put energy and time into deepening the love you have, especially with romantic partners. In the image, Isolt is surrounded by light and a lush abundance of flowers. Her heart connection is blooming and her gesture is total openness to love. Make sure your focus on loved ones are akin to this image. Inviting the both of you to go deeper and to open up more, will help you to heal any doubts or fears. It is offering each other genuine openness that allows us to be true to our selves for one another.


When this card appears, our heart needs some healing. We must not numb out with pain or overwhelm this week. If you feel love and healing coming your way, let it in. If you need this now, ask for it to be given to you. It will be given.

Let Go

Lastly, we can deepen love when we let go of the past and old relationships that we still miss. Yes, they have gone now. The pain of hanging on keeps us unconscious to the current of alive and present love we have now. Please face the past this week fully, say goodbye and let go.

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