February 3rd: Card of The Week: Build Your Confidence.

Build your confidence, is Card of the week, with the Three of Coins as the guide card. I love this Tarot card. When a client pulls it, I feel happy for them. There’s an air of positivity and a vibe of ‘I can do this” when we see this earth element card. This week is about taking it easy on yourself and allow a more gentle energy to help you build what you want to truly do. This card is about beginning a dream path, that can bring significant life changes if we follow a clear plan to get there. The ingredient that will make this all work for you is confidence. Without this, you can’t get to your finish line. This week, build your confidence up in a gentle and joyful manner.

If you are struggling this week with your self belief or you can’t get things moving, two questions need to be asked. Firstly, is this a confidence block, or are you following something that just can’t be built? Secondly ask yourself if this dream truly fits who you are, now? Sometimes, dreams follow us from childhood, but is this who you are today? Confidence is about just knowing who we are, in the simplest of terms. We do not all have to build big castles to prove our worth. If a cosy cottage kind of vision suits who you are, you go with that, for that is what will lead you to genuine joy. Gentleness and enjoying the process of developing yourself need to be honed in on and given time this week. Both of these things are great confidence boosters for moving forward.

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