February 10th: Card of The Week: Keep Life Simple.

Keep life simple, is card of the week, with the King of Swords as our guide Tarot card. This air element King, is perhaps the most mysterious and deep. He holds deep wisdom for us to learn from, if we can be still enough to listen to his advice. Oak leaves surround him, suggesting power, wisdom, honour and nobility. When we bring these four qualities into our lives and minds, our lives will gradually become more profound and simple.

This week, avoid any complications and additions to things that can tangle you up. Keep life and your thinking, simple and uncomplicated. The King of Swords looks straight ahead. He does what he needs to do and nothing more. He makes necessary decisions to keep the peace in his Kingdom. This King has much life experience. The Sword symbolises a clear mind and a mirror like reflection showing him the truth. Keep the peace in your mind and life this week. Rule what you do with the same calmness and clarity that he has. There is a risk of saying and doing things that are better left alone. If key decisions are to be made this week, and you have no choice but to go ahead, then trust your instincts as you do this. Mental maturity can keep us grounded when we feel overwhelmed. This Tarot card is the embodiment of mental calm. Often, that just means keep life simple, for you and for everyone else.

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