February 17th: Card of The Week: Asking For Help.

Card of the week is asking for help, in the form of Green Tara, the Buddha of compassionate action. This week could feel like a bit of a drudge if you do everything yourself or by yourself alone. Green Tara’s presence is all about delegating the weight you may be carrying and asking for help to take the pressure off. We are being given a lesson that doing things alone is unnecessary. There is a great and powerful energy in Green Tara. Her capacity to help you is limitless. The key is to tap into her endless resource of support. Where might you need a hand this week? What might be weighing you down? Lightness and grace can help you this week, rather than rushing and pushing.

Green Tara can appear in many ways. Maybe it’s giving yourself an extra time out when you can’t think anymore, or having a coffee with a friend, despite being ‘too busy’. The point this week is to take care of yourself by connecting with others and making space in the places that stress you out. Take the initiative this week to look after yourself by reaching out to those who you know can help. This might be needing some one to just listen to you. If things seem insurmountable and overwhelming, take protection from Tara. Ask her for a solution in place of where your mind can’t find one. There is always another way. Where we can not see this new path, she can.

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