February 24th: Card of The Week: ‘Life Is An Adventure’.

Card of The Week is ‘life is an adventure’. We are in new moon in Pisces, which is represented by Page of Cups Tarot card. It’s a beautiful open time, which encourages us to explore ourselves and to connect with our inner child and it’s dreams. Pisces is a big ocean, it has so much energy and depth. This links us to our emotionality, creativity and spirituality. This water sign, can link is to our depth and potential to connect to our happiest selves. Please look for this ocean inside you. If you do this, you will know what I mean by life is an adventure. The real one is within this inner ocean’s realms.

New Moon Time.

At this new moon time, connect with all things that are Piscean. Primarily, Page of Cups, Tarot symbol of this water element sign, is creative and intuitive child energy. It’s ruling planet, Neptune, is all about potentials of awakening, fulfilling our spiritual purpose, and being fully conscious and in sync with our spirit.

Inner Child Connection.

Connecting to our watery depths can feel quite scary. Do not be put off by this. Your inner child, which is always present, waits for you here, in the subconscious. Let your mind and your heart expand in these creative and intuitive waters. Do not let limited beliefs about yourself hold you back. Piscean energy and inner child could be the same in some ways. They both have lofty aspirations and exciting dreams. Both need patience and playful space to grow. Nurture life back into what you truly love and the interests you had as a child. Go back to this and play with it. Life is an adventure when we listen to our inner child and let it play. Go on an adventure this week together. Let it lead you back to your heart’s happiest places.

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