March 2nd: Have Faith.

Have faith, is this week’s card for March 2nd. I feel this message is important for many of us. We are experiencing a testing time. On personal levels, spiritual levels and global health levels. If you feel like you have reached your limit and nothing is working out, be re-assured by this card. Eireen, Greek Goddess of peace and pacifying situations can help.

Calming Energy

The calming energy of this card, asks us to have faith. Whatever is challenging you, know that in the greater scheme of things, this is supposed to be happening. Rather than panic and feel helpless, look for the lessons in trouble times. If you are happy in life, but you can see globally, the world is fraught with problems, how are you dealing with them? What is your attitude? It is vital that we connect to our innate ability to help others at the this time, rather than just watch ‘the madness’ happening. Tune into your own healing powers. We all have them in some form. We must not be philistines but trust we are all part of the divine play of things.

Help Others

This week, put energy into having faith, trusting that what you are going through has a purpose. Be a source of support and faith for others. Eireen delivers help to us all through her very presence. Be present for yourself this week and give a hand to those you know can benefit from your help. Challenging times can give us the clearest view about who we are as a person. Don’t complain, don’t spread fear or negativity. Watch your language, and watch what you tend to focus on. Help others to have faith in you, the goodness of each other, and the greater good. This week, Let’s alchemise fear into faith.

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