March 9th: Celebrate Life, It’s Precious.

March 9th’s card of the week is celebrate life. With today’s full moon in Virgo, this is a time to connect to beauty, love and anything that heightens our appreciation of beauty and life. We are also still in Pisces time, so the sensitivity to all things gentle, intuitive and dreamlike is more heightened now. The Three of Cups, a water element card, is all about living life with a sense of celebration and enjoying life to the full. The number three in Tarot is also mostly associated with joy and enjoying life.

If you are feeling the opposite to this, which is understandable, right now, remember how precious and amazing life is. Rather than get bogged down with daily responsibilities and this being your focus, ease the stress by remembering to reflect on what a miracle life actually is. This can help to expand the mind and break out from all the media’s hyped up and depressing news. Filling our hearts, and experiences, with what matters is important. Life needs to feel light, and enjoyable.

This week could feel particularly heavy and worrisome, if we do not make the effort to celebrate life. Giving out good vibes, can help others to feel less heavy too. There is always something to rejoice about. There is always a break, a good story, a blue sky somewhere. It is up top us to find it this week and include others in celebrating this. These Goddesses are choosing to toast life together, not alone. So, maybe this Tarot card, is suggesting we make the effort to spend time with others who we are most close to and make a delicious meal together and celebrate life.

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