March 16th: Be Wise And Kind.

Be wise and kind is March 16th’s card of the week. We have pulled the Queen of Swords, air element, and The Hermit, Major Arcana. This combination has a serious message for those of us who are pretending this corona virus, is not happening, or believe this will not affect them; you are wrong. The situation is affecting ALL of us, now. This week is a vital time to take control and wake up to what you and your community needs you to do. Be a conscious person, in the middle of a lot of confusion and mixed messages. That is The Queen of Swords advice to us. Keep your mind clear and kind.

Questions to Ask Ourselves This Week

The Hermit is asking us to reflect about our thoughts. Are we aware of what we are believing? Are we hearing and reading the truth? What does our intuition tell us? What do we need to do at this time? The Hermit Tarot card, relates very well to the advice to stay in, and to keep to oneself, as much as possible. The Queen of Swords, says, ‘wherever you are planning to go, do you need to?’ She also says that we have to be alert and not let our minds and it’s habits overtake our wisdom. Be wise and kind this week. We need to keep our heads on our shoulders and not panic madly. Queen of Swords has cool reasoning and does not over react.

Thoughtful Communication

This combination is about thoughtful communication. Who do you know who lives alone or does not get a lot of support? Now is the time to go through your contacts and reach out to those who do not have a lot of family or a partner. Give them a call, and help others to feel less alone. This is the time that is testing YOUR human spirit and kindness. Do not get distracted with what others do. What are YOU doing now? How is YOUR behaviour? Focus on THIS. Focus on developing your wisdom and your kindness. Be well and stay safe.

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