March 23rd: Love Is Medicine.

March 23rd is Love is medicine. Indeed. This week’s cards are a refreshing combination of Three of Cups and Ten of Cups. Both are water element, and relate to our emotions, our relationships, and connection with each other. This week is a time to be the loving energy that we all need so much, right now. These cards suggest that just by coming together, and working to help each other, we can generate much more happiness and joy in these hard times. It is becoming evident that the virus and our economy, will affect us for a quite a period of time. Now is the time to shift our priorities away from just ourselves and immediate loved ones, to a much wider circle of life. If we do not do this now, I promise things will become much harder for us later on. By later, I am talking maybe a month or two, even weeks.

Check In On Others

The world needs our love. How do we give this, when it’s such a frightening and stressful time? Three of Cups says, give your support and cheer to others, however you can. Social distancing does not need to stop the flow of loving concern going out to others. If you have time, and let’s face it, we are going to have more and more of this precious jewel, use it to connect with those who need connection. Lightness is a key energy in these Tarot cards, so give people some hope, and good wishes. If you are spiritual or religious, make a virtual prayer circle with your community. Keep a note of people you know need checking in on, and commit to calling them, for as long as they need you.

A New Way

Keeping our emotions and perspectives positive is crucial now. If we want to stay well, the Ten of Cups, has advice about unity. Let us all see one another as one big family. It is time to cut our self engrossed, selfish and greedy behaviours that has been created in our modern world. Make sure you don’t just point fingers at others. If you see greed and selfishness ‘out there’, be sure you look deeply at your own actions to examine where your own versions of this could be. Love is medicine, in this time of uncertainty. Consider the time of selfish ego to be over. No joke. Together we must connect, support and create a new world of selflessness, contentment and balance. Start practicing now. It has to become our reality.

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