March 30th: Challenges

Challenges, is the energy for the week of March 30th. The Eight of Coins (earth element) and Ten of Rods (fire element), combination makes things more intense this week. We are experiencing strong astrological line ups. We need to stay calm and not not create work and tension for ourselves.


Many of us might feel that this period of needing to stay home and be safe, is becoming an annoying burden. My theory is that those of us having this problem, are facing the following issues. Firstly, the habit of being busy and working, is so deep that we depend on it to feel ‘alive’. Earning and doing, which are both masculine actions, has been the modus operandi for too long. The virus is stopping this. It has given many of us a sudden and hard jolt, financially and personally. Now is the time to connect to the feminine energies, particularly nature and creativity, to become calm and grateful for life.


For this week and beyond, do not fight the slowing down of the world and life in general. ‘Battling on’, with the same speed and mode before this shutdown happened, is not good now. This is not the time to ‘carry on as normal’. We must be present in what is happening, rather than blank it out with busyness. If we Brush the importance of this world event aside, a great opportunity is lost. We will not learn about ourselves and reconnect, at a much deeper level. This is a very rare moment in human history to reconnect and reboot. We have come so far off track from what it means to be human. Now, we have a chance to discover what this really means. Do not waste it with old conflictive habits.


Facing our challenges, does not mean fighting and struggling to win. It means understanding a situation in a calm way and responding with practical and balanced solutions instead. If we allow this earth/fire combination to help us this week, we can grow and create. We can be with ourselves and our families, in a much deeper and slower way. There is time to converse and listen. We do not need to rush our breakfast and meals. We have time to read books that have sat on shelves for years. With so much stressful collective energy around, do not take on ‘things’ just to occupy time. Let time be spacious and let it heal you from the usual speediness of day to day living. If we do not start to acclimatise to this situation now, the challenges of these times will be a battle, instead of recognising them as a new way to be and grow.

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