April 6th 2020: Be Yourself

April 6th 2020 is ‘be yourself’. This week is a continuation of the challenges we are facing. Expecting them to go away and wanting life to go back to normal, will not be a helpful mindset this week. We have to work with where we are and what is happening, now. If we do not, there will be a mounting mental struggle (Eight of Swords). This card constricts us and makes us believe things are not controllable and manageable.

The Star

The Star, is a much more relaxed card. She helps us to connect to a flow that is calming. This Tarot card, gives us a sense of inner peace, when we realise we can just be ourselves at this time. Our masks and armour need to come off now. This is when we can just be ourselves. Go with a rhythm of doing that makes you feel more at ease. There is no need to compete in being the best at self isolating, or getting on with things the best. Let go of any need to show a good face, all of the time. Let’s get back to the roots of who we are, without all our social masks. Now we are indoors, it is time to strip back and connect to our more happy and simple selves.


This is a time where the contrived can become authentic, and where tightness can relax. What better time than now to be yourself? Use this rare period of reflection and quiet, to come back to a softer and more genuine you. Do what makes you feel happy and at ease. That is the meaning of connecting back to yourself and what life is really about. You might think you are already a genuine person. Yes, but also, it is hard to see just what the last ten or so years of social media has done to our outlooks, values and mentalities.

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