Card of The Week: May 11th: Rest.

Card of the Week: May 11th. Rest. We have double earth element, both minor arcana Tarot cards, for the week ahead. The Ace of Coins, and The Five of Coins, are an interesting combination to pull, as they are opposite states and places of well being, in relation to each other. The Ace of Coins is opportunity, and new things beginning that can bring rewards. This Tarot card, is also about home, and the security of home. It represents protection and being on strong ground and having good health. The Five of Coins, is quite different. It is struggle and the need for support. Often, money and health are weak when we pull this card.


Many of us are in a very difficult situation now. Health and finance, are two of the biggest areas affecting us personally and collectively during this time. I see this combination of Tarot cards, in different ways. Firstly, we need to have a rest and rebalance our bodies. Secondly, wherever we feel protected and taken care of, we must make more effort to connect with this and nurture ourselves in that space. This is an earth element related place. Mainly it is home. If yours is at risk because your job has stopped, it is even more important to know it is still your home. The Ace of Coins asks us to have trust, even in hard times, like the Five of Coins indicates. If we get worn down by stress and anxiety, it will only make things harder. So, whatever our circumstance is at this time, give attention to your tiredness, and fatigue. The cards tell us we have no choice but to do this now, and we shouldn’t hold off because of busyness.


If you are in a relatively good position still, and hardship and ill health do not affect you, then this week, be The Ace of Coins for others, and offer ways to help them to stabilise their situations, and feel safe. Give to charity, offer to pay for a friend in need, who’s shopping is too expensive. Be a good friend and call your friends and family regularly. Shine some of your good fortune on those on need some of their own this week. If your income is still the same as before the lockdown, please donate to those who have lost theirs. We must be The Ace of Coins for others, which is a source of wealth, health and stability. Recognise how incredible the blessings are, if your life is somehow ‘carrying on’. Even offering a few pounds a month, is a way help ‘give shelter’ to others.

Ask For Help

These Tarot cards represent supportive rest. If you are hitting the hard times now, these cards indicate it is the time to look for support and ask for help. This virus is not going away yet. We need to be able to get through this without a total burn out. This is a time to recognise we are only human. We all have our vulnerabilities. Please take care of yourself and others, for this week and beyond.

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