Card of The Week: May 18th: Good Choices.

Good Choices is our Card of The Week for May 18th. We have pulled The Four of Cups, which is a water element card. This rather interesting image shows a person under an overgrown tree with their arms crossed. They are being offered a new experience and a chance to move forward in some way. Our friend in the card is stalling. They can not decide whether to choose this opportunity or not. They can’t quite figure out for themselves, if this is right for them. What is it that makes them stall when a good thing comes along? can you answer this question for yourself?

Choosing What is Best

This Tarot card relates to our emotions and our emotional well-being. It looks at how we are relating to ourselves and others at this time. When we get this card, we are being given a choice. It is up to us to take it. We may have been given this before opportunity before. This week, it is the time to choose what we know is best for us.

The Four of Cups

The Four of Cups, is about recognising what we are not accepting that is actually healthy for us and much needed. Now is the time not to delay or procrastinate around what we need to be doing that is emotionally healthy. Choose what is best for you this week. I think this card reflects the current situation, where we are being made to choose to stay in and stay safe, or go back into an environment we might not feel so sure about. The main thing is to ensure that we choose what we feel is the most comfortable and safe situation for us. The number four in Tarot, relates to security and strength, stability and safety.

Moving Forward

This week, make good choices for yourself that will protect you and take care of you. This is not about insecurity and fear. This is about staying strong and staying safe, while making new choices and moving forward in some way.

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