Card of The Week: June 1st: Honouring George Floyd.

Card of the week for June 1st, is honouring George Floyd, and all racial injustice. Our Tarot cards are The World, and Six of Cups. Both of these Tarot cards can connect us to deeper levels of love and understanding. This combination resonate with everything that has erupted in the last week. True paths to freedom and non judgment can be made for all of us.

What has come from this tragedy, is a reminder that whatever happens, love WILL win, (Six of Cups). We must persevere for the freedom of all, (The World). By the choice fo these cards, this is a crucial moment to act on winning freedom for all. I believe what is happening is the flushing out of the lingering disease of racism. If we can stay present, we will connect more and more to the urgency of this time. The World suggests if we remain dedicated to love and equality for all, then these protests will make a difference. Honouring George Floyd, means being present and available for others who need our support.

© 2020 Jerry Holt/Star Tribune

This is the time to expand our beliefs about how much we can help others and create change. The World Tarot card, tells us that we humans have a capacity to love and to transform for the better. This week, tune into your potential as a human. Commit to loving and protecting the rights of all beings. Learn about racism on a deeper level, by connecting to different anti racism charities.

The World card hides nothing. She is completely authentic. Look deep inside your heart this week, and thoroughly examine where we hide our own versions of discrimination. It is highly likely you’ll find it somewhere. Now is the time to be truthful with what we see. We will be honouring George Floyd, and all victims of racism, if we can do this truthfully, and actively.

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