Card of The Week, June 22nd, A Better Future.

Card of The Week, for June 22nd, is a better future. These two Tarot cards, the Five of Swords and the Four of the Rods, represent new beginnings from different perspectives. This week we have the opportunity, to pick up whatever pieces are broken, and rebuild with a clear vision. We can make a better future. This will take both mental and emotional effort. We have to question what level of enthusiasm and conviction we have, for this to happen. These two Tarot cards, help us not to dwell on weakness and failure. Air and fire elements combined can focus us to where our strengths lie.

Positive Change

The five of swords, is symbolic of a failure which needs to be acknowledged. How are we are to move forward from this positive time with BLM protests? We must look at how we have played a part in this. If we do not put effort into this with a promise to help bring change, we cannot expect a positive and lasting change to occur.

A Better Future

The four of rods, is an ideal place. It is somewhere we all wish to be. We do not get this without the universe knowing we deserve it. Our problem is that the human collective conscious is self entitled. A happier world can only be built from positive efforts and a higher level of consciousness. A healthy community only comes when the builders of this, understand what they are building. This week, with five planets in retrograde, things might get very challenging. Let’s see this moment as an opportunity. It is time to prepare ourselves to build. How do you see yourself in helping to build a better future?

One Family

We need to start rebuilding a more healthy and happy society, now. Don’t let the five of swords, influence you in feeling tired and no longer able to support this movement anymore. This is a pivotal time to understand our relationship with each other.¬†We are one family. If we want a better world and a better future, then we have to be kind and conscious builders.

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