Card of The Week, June 29th, Justice For Elijah McCain.

Card of the week for June 29th is justice for Elijah McCain, who was murdered by police in August 2019. I am making this week’s forecast a dedication to the memory of Elijah, and everyone who’s names we know for all the wrong reasons. Elijah, only 23 years old, was by description a kind and loving person and a treasure to his family. There is no reasoning anywhere why his death happened. It is death due to uncontrolled and hateful racist behaviour. I can not see what else it would be? As far as I know, no arrests have been made. Correct me if I am wrong.

Here is a transcript of his last words.

Justice For Elijah McCain

We must keep Elijah’s tragic death in our minds. Do not let it fade out with other more trivial news. Justice for Elijah McCain. Remembering him is a way to wake up and stay connected to the racism that is happening everyday. We need to keep looking deeper to see how systemic and deep racism is. It is time to make a promise to ourselves as fellow human beings. We must stand up for others as much as we can, in whatever way we can, when we see injustice. What defines us as human beings is to have love, dignity and respect for one another.. Not how much power and money we have.

Elijah contributed to his community, and by what I have read about him, was a good person and radiant human being. This murder is beyond my words and opinions, so I am keeping this post brief. This injustice needs our continued awareness. Let’s keep his name alive. for Elijah, for his family and for all the people who have been killed because of racism.

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