Card of The Week: July 6th: Letting Go.

Card of the week for July 6 is Letting Go. The Queen of cups rules water element. She is a noble and intuitive woman. The quality of this queen reflects the qualities of the sign of Cancer. This water sign represents motherhood, and the nurturing gentleness of feminine wisdom. Water element wisdom, gives us the ability to reflect deeply upon our heart’s deepest longing and desires. Look upon what we wish for the most in our lives. The Queen of cups, can help us to see its true value.

This beautiful Tarot queen, Has a natural ability to be patient and to wait for the time when something she longs for is ready to happen. This week, while we are in the time of Cancer, we have an opportunity to reflect on the things we think we need and to have a reality check about this.


The lesson in this Tarot card is about knowing that no matter how much we want something, we have to wait until it is ready to happen for it to be received. This is why mothers are naturally able to be patient with their children. Motherhood, has a spacious attitude. Whatever it is we are nurturing, whether this is internal or external needs some reflection. We might feel more impatient and sensitive around what we dearly want at this time. We can connect to a deeper cosmic understanding of our innate neediness if we choose to focus there. I recommend doing this as the energies are supportive for clearer insight around this topic.

Letting Go.

This week, go gently and be kind to yourself. Know that we are much more free when we can let go of the things that cause us the most pain and impatience. The Queen of Cups can support us with emotional maturity and growing up. Give time to develop this by letting go of what you might have waited for, for too long. As they say the truth will set you free. If you really believe what you are waiting for is of value then please keep waiting. But if you feel deep down that the waiting is futile, then now is the time to let this longing go. As I said, there is power and freedom in letting go of what we believe we cannot be without.

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