Card of The Week: July 13th: Being Balanced.

Our Card of the week for July 13th is ‘Being Balanced’. We have some calmer energy this week, which is a great relief. The Six of Coins, gives us a chance to regroup our inner and our resources and the get our feet back on the ground. Sixes in Tarot is all about moving forward and getting out of feeling stuck. This Tarot card does not guarantee a reprieve from all the energetic madness for long, but it will give us a break. The main message is to use this week to balance our energy and the resources we have that keeps us grounded and healthy.


Talking of heath, this week is important for us on this front. Whatever you know is a healthy choice for you, it is important to do it. We are being given a kind of break, so to speak. This does not mean we can get sloppy though. Think of this week as a chance to strengthen our muscles and feed ourselves nutritious food. Take advantage of any down time you may get. Who knows what is coming day by day? Balancing the scales in this Tarot card are not so easily achieved. This has come from discipline and intelligence. Balance will come to you more easily if you focus on these two things.

Tune In.

Tune in with yourself this week, take some time to weigh up what you have and what it is in your life that gives you balance. Life is always in flux. Being balanced comes with having a sense of gravity and sensibility. We need to make the most of the moments when we can think more clearly and act in a more considered way. We now have a time to be able to do this.

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