Tarot Card of The Week: July 27th: Make Life Simple.

Tarot card of the week for July 27th, is make life simple, with The Hermit as our guiding card. Now is a time to work on making things as uncomplicated as we can. When isn’t a good time to do this? The Hermit Tarot card, is very much about the spiritual life and a quest to find our deeper selves. This raggedy old man has left his life and position, which some say was card number five, The Pope. The Hermit understands that to find the truth we have to let go of many things that we have carried. This Tarot card is a good reminder of how to make life simple.

Keep Things Uncomplicated.

This week, strip back and reduce the list of things to do and all the endless tasks and worries we give ourselves. In this very intense year and time, we need to simplify every part of our life. I think many of us do not realise just how much 2020 is affecting us on a deeper level. Trust me, it is. Keeping things uncomplicated and not letting heavy and worrying thoughts stick in our heads, is important this week. Look at how you can simplify your body’s actions, your words and your thoughts. Reduce and release, are two key words for The Hermit Tarot card. To go into awareness, we need to have less busyness and holding on to things. Do less this week to create more space in your mind and create more personal space.

Embrace Needing Less.

The rest of this year will continue to have many dramas. We are at a point now, where it is going to be beneficial to make life simple and to embrace needing less, and chasing things less. This will serve us all well in the months to come. Here are some ways we can start to simplify things.

  • Take a look at what you might be carrying around with you that weighs you down. Does it help or hinder you? Let it go, even just for this week.
  • Do less. Give yourself more downtime and learn to make busy times into relaxed ones.
  • Try saying only what needs to be said and avoid superfluous conversations. Speaking can be tiring. Look at ways you can save energy around the conversations you have.
  • Make a pact with yourself that you will not worry about things you can not control.
  • Start to reduce how often you shop. What you you really need? We can treat ourselves, of course, but shopping can make life scattered and distracted.

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