Tarot card of The Week, August 3rd, How Can I Be Brave?

Tarot card of The Week for August 3rd, is the question how can I be brave? Our week begins in full moon in Aquarius. This air element sign compliments the female Tarot cards, Strength and The Star. These two embody this full moon energy perfectly in so many ways. The fact that we have two ladies guiding us, makes this week’s influences more soft and feminine. They also points to where we need to focus and the best places to build our energies. The Star Tarot card, represents Aquarius. She is one of the water bearers in the deck. Her naked self expression is all about doing the things you love most, letting your hair down and shining your light. Even if we are stressed, over worked, worried?? The answer is YES!! Now is the best time to make some conscious space for yourself with a creative twist.


Aquarians are unconventional and they tend to do their own thing, rather than fit in to please. This answers the question, how can I be brave? Be like an Aquarius. Do your own thing and own who you are. If you are an Aquarius, it is time to pump up the volume on yourself even more. This aspect of bravery is true self expression and no longer needing to hide it away. What might you be covering up in yourself that needs to be out on the open? What might feel stuck inside you that needs to be able to flow outwards and into the world? The Star card signifies this truth. This week’s cards, are encouraging us to make space and room for our inner dreams and wishes. This is both on the emotional and creative level.

Don’t Judge

Where does our second card, Strength, come into the question, how can I be brave? What do we need to be able to flow, and to live our best lives and not compromise over who we are? The answer is courage. Strength, is here to tell us not to give up and not to feel let down by ourselves. Let’s not judge ourselves this week. Wherever we are with our own sense of personal progress, let’s just accept this. The key is not to lose hope. With regards to our flow and self expression, make sure the tap stays running, even if it’s only a little trickle.


I am sure so many of us have experienced some big and heavy challenges so far in this year. It is important not to lose ourselves in the stress and worry. We can be brave this week by reminding ourselves that often in our problems, there is another way and an alternative solution. Both the grounded support from Virgo to Leo, in the Strength card, and The Star’s Aquarian energy can help us to see things in a more creative and expansive way.

Feminine Energy

The key to finding bravery in ourselves, is exploring who we are and allowing our individual gifts to flow out. In the past months of the build up of heavy energy, these cards come as a welcome relief. I love how we have two gentle and beautiful female archetypes on this full moon. Tune in to the open and spacious female energy in the sky and let your mind and situation open up in it. How can I be brave?, means finding another way to our problems and blockages and working with them creativity and without struggle.

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