Tarot Card of The Week, August 10th, Facing Fear.

Tarot Card of The Week, for August 10th, is Facing Fear. This week’s Tarot card is The Moon. We have drawn a moody and dark looking card. I relate to the Moon’s energy in several ways. They all boil down to facing fear. This can be from putting off doing something we do not want to do, to looking into the face of our deepest nightmares and worries. I feel on a global level, we are somewhere in the middle of this. Wherever fear might have its place in your life right now, it will emerge more prominently this week.

Face Our Scary Places

Facing fear is an inevitable event that each of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. The collective fear is high this week. It could be related to job and home loss, or to just moving forward from one day to the next. Maybe this week we are looking at our own and others mortality? The path in this Tarot card has to be walked down. No matter how much we bury things, they will emerge again and again. Do not be afraid to face the scary places. Whether it is in our mind or it is a physical thing, The Moon, means we have good energetic support to be able to do this. Focus in the angle that moving on is now possible and releasing patterns of dread will be a big relief.

See The Shadows

The main point of this Tarot card for us is to not bury what comes up for us. Work with it in a gentle and spacious way. Go at a pace that is not overwhelming but at the same time, you are moving forward. Let the shadows of the mind and the past emerge for you. Look at them under the moons light, and remember that just by owning it means we have the power to let it go. This Tarot card gives us great opportunities to grow up emotionally too. Facing fear is a good sign of maturity and trusting that we have our own powers to heal ourselves. Throw a light on your dark corners this week and you will realise the shadow places. Resistance and fear can be resolved now.

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