Tarot Card of The Week, August 17th, Emotional Baggage.

Tarot Card of The Week, for August 17th, is Emotional Baggage. We have chosen the Eight of Cups. This is a rather heavy card that can weigh on us if we do not follow its advice, for it indicates important timing. Eight relates to Scorpio and Pluto energy. Something needs to be released and allowed to die away. What might you be carrying that hinders you on your journey? What might you be afraid to let go of, and if you do, you’ll be much better off? The Eight of Cups Tarot card is about emotional growth that comes from a cathartic release.

New Moon in Leo

This week’s new moon in Leo, gives us the opportunity to drop what holds us back from being true to ourselves emotionally. We have an opportunity to release old emotional hauntings. These stacked cups can also symbolise our relationships and friendships too. Who do we know might not really have our back and it is time to let them go?

Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage often sticks to us because we want to believe it has relevance and importance in our life. Habitual safety issues can make it even more tricky to let go of. This card is all about letting go and moving on. Once we leave these cups behind, we can not come back from them another time. We know this too, as they have been left by the shore for the tide to wash away forever. This is what we want to achieve this week. Do not be afraid to admit what does not serve you anymore. Go where the true love and care is. Follow that part of your heart that knows what will evolve you on your path. Emotional baggage will only drag you down and this is a good time to deal with it, fully.

Move On

New moon in Leo gives us courage but at the same time, it reveals where we lack it also. Now is the time to live your life the way you know is healthy and happy. Follow your heart and leave what needs to be left behind. New moon energy gives us a new start and a clean slate. Oh, a very important note. Don’t be arrogant around what you let go of. Gratitude needs to be acknowledged as you walk on. Leo can be infamous when it comes to arrogance. Be humble. We are not disposing of anything in a heartless way. We are letting go and saying thank you as we walk on for everything serves its purpose.

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