Tarot Card of The Week, August 24th, Face Fear.

Tarot Card of The Week, for August 24th, is ‘face fear’. We have pulled The Devil card. He is number fifteen of the Major Arcana. What is it we do not like to look at? Why do we run away when we are faced with fear, and with darkness? What is darkness to you? Are you aware of what overpowers you and causes you to run away? This week we need to stop the running and face what we perceive as the dark parts of our life and ourselves. On a bigger level, there doesn’t seem to be a calm space anywhere in our world. It seems there is no escape from the virus, from catastrophes, from pain.

Climate of Fear

When the world is in this much pain, it means we are too. If we separate ourselves from the collective pain, we have fallen into the Devil’s trap of ego fear, which is the mother of selfishness. We are all part of the current climate of fear and hate. In order to bring more light into the world, we must know how to face fear. We can not keep running away from it. Turning off the news and not listening to it does not make it go away, at all. We need to understand that in admitting our fears and addictions are part of a collective problem, we can then be part of a collective solution. The Devil mentality takes over our awareness and open mindedness, with addictive habitual responses. When this happens, we can never break out and change. We will always be a slave to fear and how fear reacts. basically, we close down and we run away.

Look at Fear

This week gives us an opportunity to stop running and to stop switching off because of fear. We all want world peace, and we all want happiness. How do we think this will happen? These two things depend on US as individuals. If we face fear and shine light onto it, we can see it more clearly. The Devil can make us complacent and stupid too. There needs to be an alertness, and an urgency to shine light on our own fears and to see the pain all around. When we do this, we can look at it and find our own projections, addictions, and prejudices in it all. Please try to clearly identify your fears and addictions. It will benefit you and others greatly. Try to notice what makes you switch ‘off’, and look at it. Nothing is actually too overwhelming and terrifying. Our inner light is more powerful than any idea we have created and built up in our minds. Illuminate the darkness in our world and in our own lives. Now is the time for our inner lights of openness and clear mental ground to shine.

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