Tarot Forecast for September 2020: The Moon.

Tarot Forecast for September 2020, is The Moon. It is no surprise that we got this card. There is so much heightened sensitivity and pain around the world right now. This Tarot card IS THE card for difficult challenges that need to be met. Moon card energy emerges when open wounds need to be worked through until they are fully healed. I do not believe we are doing nearly enough of this on a collective level, and as a human race. Getting this card several times this year concerns me.


We can not keep hiding from what needs to be looked at and healed. Racism, sexism, poverty, corrupt politics, and climate catastrophe. All of these need our full responsibility for there to be real change. There is a lack of love going on and a lack of care too. We need to do much more than just hash tag these issues and keep them relevant for a time. These very real and threatening problems that do not go away. We can not sink them back into the depths of our collective consciences anymore.

Intense Energy

All of our problems are now septic. They are not just annoying sores. We must answer to nature and take care of her. We must respond to our fellow humans with love and care. The poisonous ego trippers basically running our world need to radically change and be replaced by those who want to lead because they care and not just lead for power. This Tarot forecast for September, 2020, is intense. As a warning, there will be more pus coming out of our wound. Be aware tensions could flare up in your own worlds too. Be prepared to feel intense energy this month. Please do not ignore it. Today is also full moon in Pisces. If you feel like crying more than usual in the next few days, that is all part of this full moon. Do that. It is healthy to cry. Are we feeling enough? Can we stay present and not switch off from so much pain? Please stay switched on this month. Work with this pain by giving it attention and love.

Doing Our Part.

Don’t let yourself push back painful issues and things that are left unhealed. Address them. Walk this path to emotionally free yourself of old pain, shame, and fear. At the same time, please tune in to the world’s pains. Give it Metta, or love. I recommend listening to Mington Gu, a great Qi Gong Master’s free meditation. Also, for guidance in a daily practice of generating love for the world and for ourselves, please check out Buddhist Teacher, Thich Naht Hahn too. He has many teachings and guided meditations to give love out to the world. If you have a daily practice of yoga or meditation, please extend this healing to the world, for positive change. We need to do this so much. If we do not open our hearts now and continue to switch off the pain, we are missing a vital window to improve and change this world’s well being.

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