Tarot Card of The Week, September 7th. Being With Chaos.

Being with chaos is Tarot Card of The Week, for September 7th. We have pulled the Tower card, which always makes me take a bit of a gulp. Something needs to shift and move this week, which with the powerful Pluto energy in this card could bring chaos to create order once more. This tempestuous image is all about shaking us up when we are stuck and holding on to what is old and out of date to who we are today. Pluto energy can help us to bring deep change and transformation for the better, if we allow it to take the drivers seat and take us wherever we need to go that moves us forward.

Sudden Change

Sudden change can feel chaotic and frightening. But is it so sudden? Has something dragged on for too long and it is time to be brave and let it all come tumbling down? How else can we make a new clear space to rebuild? Being with chaos can make us feel like we have lost control. But it is the control that has created this tower in the first place. This week, do not fear radical change and bringing something to an end so you can grow in a more authentic way that is true to you. Uncertainty can easily be misunderstood as chaos. This is because we have such an aversion to uncertainty. Allow what needs to end and know that all times of letting go inherently contain the chaos of uncertainty.

Self Examine

This week examine where in your life you need a good shake up and where control needs to be relinquished. Know what you deep down need to change and start to do it. This is a good time to be honest with yourself and others. Take some time to have a good mental and emotional clear out. The Tower Tarot card for me also relates to radical honesty. No more excuses or compromises anymore. You might feel aspects of you and your life feel out of control. Maybe you have been living a life that you do not relate to anymore? This card can be a welcome ally for you. Being with this kind of chaos can in the long run help you to live more in line with the truth of who you are.

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