Tarot Reading for Week October 12th. Be Strong.

Tarot Reading for Week October 12th, is ‘be strong. This message to us comes from Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet. I have pulled her from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance deck, which I highly recommend as a great support tool. Sekhmet is all about inner and outer strength. We need to pull our energetic resources together this week, as we could start to feel flat and discouraged towards our lives and what we find ourselves needing to do everyday. Pulling our energetic resources can be done in several ways. Here are some pointers that can make us feel stronger and more resilient in this stressful time.

Positive Mindset

First, we must guard our minds and speech against negative thinking. Telling ourselves things day in and day out that can bring us down will only weaken us and stop us believing in ourselves. This week, be careful with the messaging you give yourself. Be in guard with habits and patterns that do not support you. Start your day with a big ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’ and YOU’VE GOT IT!’. Try replacing each negative with a positive. I promise this will boost your energy and your inner and outer strength.

Be Strong in Patience

Patience is power! This Goddess is seated on her gold throne, flanked by lions. We are strong when we can hold our seat and stay centred and balanced without manically running around. We need to acknowledge how easily out of control things can get when we push too hard. To be strong often means pacing ourselves and understanding that taking things slow and building up gradually is often the best track to getting to our goals. If we have faith in ourselves and trust ourselves, we can remain calm and we can be good to ourselves by not piling the pressure on.


Tune in this week to working on your power. If you are fighting for a cause or having to work extra hard then write down three things that make you strong and that give you power. When you have done this, keep these somewhere like on a mirror. Look at them throughout the day. By the end of the week you will feel more powerful and you will be better connected to your own strengthening qualities.

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