Tarot Reading For The Week. October 19th. Understand Yourself Better.

Tarot Reading For The Week of October 19th, is understand yourself better. I am so happy we got this card. Not only does it continue the theme of strength from last week, when we chose Sekhmet, it gives us even more confidence that this is a time when we can be our strongest and at our best. We don’t really have a choice but to make ourselves stronger. The times we are living in are getting more and more challenging and volatile. We need to be able to stand our ground and not be pushed down so easily.


How does this card, Eight of Coins, help us to get a better understanding of ourselves? Have you noticed that it is the challenging times we go thorough that often give us the biggest insights about who we are? When we get through something that pushes us to our limits, we realise we are stronger and more capable than we first believed. It feels rewarding when we get through tough times in our life. Our world and our humanity is going through a crucial challenge. How do you want to meet these heavy times? We can’t just give up and say, ‘selfishness and greed won’. ‘Bad governments have won’. ‘It is too late for climate change now’. We have to pull our sleeves up and work hard to better ourselves, and to strengthen our own good qualities. We are both part of our problems and our solutions. This Tarot card can help us to become stronger and better at being the best versions of ourselves, for us, and for the world.

Deeper Potential

To understand yourself better this week, invest your energy to look for the deeper potentials in yourself, especially around challenges. This is not just about surviving difficulties. We want them to make us into a better and stronger person also. Only when we put more muscle into changing what we do not like, into what we want, can we see the power to change within. Do not feel weak or hopeless with the world. Now is the time to work to become a stronger and better person. When this is done, the world will change that way too.

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