Tarot Card of The Week, October 26th, Mental Focus.

Tarot card of the week for October 26th is Mental Focus. We have chosen The Page of Swords, which I think is quite apt for the start of the Scorpio season! This air element card is getting us to look at where we are going and what part of ourselves and our minds are pushing us there. 

The Page of Swords is strong mental energy. It can direct us to great places, or it can control us with its paranoia and suspicions. Keep track of your mind and its will power so you don’t get taken off track.

Here are some helpful key points for having good mental focus this week:

  • Be clear in your direction as to where you are going
  • Avoid mental confusion
  • Do not not contradict your decisions and ideas
  • keep to your plans and goals. Do not let your mind change about these, this week.

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