New Energy. Tarot card of The Week, November 9th.

New energy, is Tarot card of the week, for November 9th. As challenging as it is, this is a powerful time of intense energy of dark and light, and oppression and emancipation. Every cycle and pattern has a time. This Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is all about a new cycle where things can shift and move for us once again. Although this card is classically volatile and uncertain, it does also move us and the energy we had gotten stuck in, to a new position. We have a chance now with Trump going out, to look at the ugliness he brought to the world. Trump made the unacceptable, acceptable. He made lies into the truth. All of this has been oppressive and deceptive. With this card, there really is a shift coming.

New Energy

New energy is signified by the replacement of one person being thrown off the wheel, and a new couple taking their place. The royal status of this couple suggest that it is our highest values and commitment to honour the truth that must prevail at this time. We have this chance to do it. This time is fleeting and constantly moving so we can not waste it. To clear out the dark energy that has come to the forefront of the human psyche, we need a card like this to help us out.

Change For Good

We must make this time a change for good. The Wheel of Fortune, does not exactly makes things calmer though. It can, and will continue to be a wild ride for us. The difference is that we have this new energy to ride on. We must not do this with the usual ego hedonism. We need to raise ourselves up and live to the highest standards that us humans are capable of. Will we meet this challenge? Will this new presidency set a high standard for the recovery of our planet? Or will Biden/Harris, get dizzy at the top of this wheel and lose their perspective?

The same questions apply to us as individuals too. All the changes that we want to see, have to come from us also. We are all being moved around the wheel of life. How we behave and relate to it, determines where we land. This particular time is crucial to get it right where we will all end up.

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