Be Consistent. Tarot card of The Week. November 23rd, 2020

‘Be consistent’ is Tarot card of The Week for November 23rd, 2020. We have picked the Six of Coins this week. This Tarot card is related to Libra and being in balance with the things that enable us to give and take equally. I am tuning in to the word consistent. We all need this in our lives to keep it in balance. The scales are asking us to look at if we are balanced in how we give out to others and what we expect to get back from them. It is our pure attitudes that grow healthy wealth and power.

What Do We Expect of Others?

In this Tarot card, we see a philanthropist. he is giving to the poor with one hand and he holds a set of scales with the other. Are things equal when we give and receive? Do we expect more in what we want to get back? Do we find that we give too much? The bottom line is knowing if we are able to be consistent in our patterns in giving and taking. This means not giving or taking too much or too little.

Be Honest With Yourself

This week, examine your own patterns and attitudes. Do the things that we expect others to do for us feature in our own behaviour towards others? This card is about the balance of being honest with ourselves in this area. This Tarot card is a positive and healthy one because he has figured his own attitudes in the delicate relationship in giving and taking. The philanthropist gives at times when his own finances are in balance. His generosity has no expectations of getting anything back. He can be consistent because he understands his own ratio of giving and taking. If we can look at this part of ourselves this week, we can be clearer and more pure in our giving and taking.

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