Create Abundance,Tarot Card of The Week, November 30th, 2020

Create Abundance is Tarot Card of The Week, for November 30th, 2020. We have chosen the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. We are fortunate to pick this card during testing times like these, because so many of us are being challenged in various material ways. She connects us to our own bright forces within, that naturally align with all the bright energies in the universe. It does seem to ring true that if you believe in abundance being an easily accessible thing, then it can come to you more easily.


Perhaps the greatest wealth is not about money and ownership but how open and positive our minds and attitudes are. This week, it is good to examine what we believe deep down about our own personal value. What do we think we are worth? What are we worthy of receiving? This according to universal law can have a big impact on what comes to us in our life. Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi, assures us that we are fine and everything we need can be provided for. Our future is bright if we create an abundance mindset. I am sure we can all appreciate the need to stay positive in challenging times. I am also sure that many of us have experienced the consequences when we do not do this. Fear and uncertainty take over us, and free flow is blocked.

Value Yourself

Look honestly at your sense of outer and inner worth this week. If we can’t see ourselves as precious, how will we see others and all things in the same way? When we value ourself and our inner light we can connect to our own positivity and abundance mindsets. We can be helped with whatever it is we need. The main thing is to ask for it with a confidence that trusts resources will appear to us at the right time.

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