Tarot Forecast January 2021. The Road to Recovery.

Our Tarot Forecast for January 2021 is The Ten of Swords, and the Road to Recovery. It’s challenging that this is our first card of the year but it is a realistic one. 2020 is dead and gone and with it goes a lot of pain and loss. This Tarot card is a double edged sword. We want something to be over and to be done and we feel relief, but it also leaves us with a pain and negativity that needs to be acknowledged also.

Moving Forward

January is going to be a welcome change but still painful. What has died in your own life experience that can not be brought back from the dead or should not be brought back? Maybe it is a dream that fell apart last year? Maybe it was the end of human made toxic convenience? 2020 made us face ourselves in a way that has not been easy and it has hurt. It also helped us to see what needs to die away in our human ways of life that causes so much damage. If we can enter into 2021 with a more conscious awareness, then this card will be felt in a powerful way and it will be of much benefit .

Toxic Thinking

The road to recovery needs to be thought about this month. Even if we have had a good 2020, others have not. How can we get things back on track and what does this even mean? Let’s start with being realistic about what state our lives and our world is in first. Ten of Swords tells us that some things have gone forever and can never come back to us. Also it says that we have to make sure certain ways of thinking and toxic attitudes must not follow us into 2021. We need to cut ties with our own toxic thinking and habits that start from within our own minds. If you think you do not have anything toxic in yours, then look again. Let’s not drag this dead body around with us for another year. It will start to smell bad and eventually it’ll make us more sick.


With this tarot card, I believe that 2021 is a year where we can recover ourselves. If we do not, then this card does not bode well. What might you need to recover in your own life, and in your own heart? What went rotten for you last year? I think we can see globally how so many things went bad. Take January to work on this theme of recovery for yourself. This card can become more meaningful and powerful for us if we try to help those we love to do the same. If you know some one who needs a boost to restart things this year, then how can you give them some support?

The Ten of Swords does not have to be as heavy as it looks. We can make good from any bad situation. It is all about our mental attitude towards pain and endings. The most important thing is to not switch off from reality. Let’s be here and let’s face what needs to faced. This is where we can start our road to recovery to being a fully healthy and fully present being on this earth.

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