Facing Ourselves. Tarot Card 0f The Week, January 4th, 2021.

Hello and happy new year for 2021! Our Tarot card of the week, for January 4th, 2021 is Major Arcana card, Strength, so means it this a time for facing ourselves. This week augments the need to heal and repair. I am sure much of this message is a reflection from what we have gone through in 2020. The important part of this card’s message is telling us that in order to heal and get our strength back, we need to face our emotions and perceptions that harm us in the long run. The lion in the card is Leo, and he is a symbol for our uncontrolled emotions and pain. Anger and frustration, depression and fear, they all need to be addressed this week. We can have more peace for ourselves this year if we do this now.

Healing Extreme Emotions

2020, and all the circumstances that have been thrown at us has stirred us deeply and not altogether in a good way. So much negativity came up last year and what was exposed can not be forgotten. This goes especially for in ourselves. Racism, inequality, corruption. All the things that can makes feel deeply negative about the world and those around us. This is the time now to heal these extreme emotions and feelings that if left to sink back below the surface, will only pop up again to cause problems.

Patience & Kindness

We see the maiden, Virgo, taming Leo. She is gentle and tender as she holds open his jaws to look at what all his roaring and biting is about. She does not reject the beast but instead she helps him. We need to look inside this week, at the parts we know need some healing. If you feel intense and negative emotions, do not fear and do not berate yourself. Instead work with facing ourselves with patience and kindness.

Support & Presence

Strength is card number eight in the Tarot, and is associated with Mars and Pluto. Both of these planets are powerful, so the healing can be powerful and transformative too. Be a healer wherever you can this week. be a good listener, give others some positive hope. Be where you know some one would heal from your support and presence.

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