Balancing Change. Tarot Card of The Week, January 18th, 2021.

Balancing change is Tarot card of the week, for January 18th, 2021. We have chosen the Two of Coins, which is a positive earth element card. After last week’s Tower card, this is a welcome relief. We still have some wobbles to get through, but the energy of this card does give us something to work with to improve our situation.

We see a young merchant balancing two large pentacles on the high seas. He looks uneasy and caught in a moment that he does not know how yet to control. The important point is that he has been given these coins to use and to make an opportunity with. So, there is some positive energy and opportunity coming this week, but it still feels shaky. Balancing change can be tricky and we have been doing this all the long. This week is a time to become more confident in knowing instinctively how to balance the unknown when it comes, and that includes opportunities too.

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