Tarot Forecast For February 2021. Make Your Mind Stronger.

Tarot forecast for February 2021 is make your mind stronger. We have the powerful Ace of Swords this month. This is an air element card and it rules the mind and everything that is created from this mysterious place. This Tarot card can act as our protector against saying the wrong thing and making bad decisions. This could easily happen to us, as Mercury is now in retrograde until February 20th. We need to be careful as our words can be misconstrued and we could be easily misunderstood.

Make Your Mind Stronger

How can we do this on a day to day level and how we do to make this happen? This Tarot card’s angle is around intelligence and honesty in February. If we tell the truth and lead our lives by noble judgments, we and our intelligence and wisdom will become stronger. The strength of our mind is often reflected by our actions and our words. This is how people view us as strong or as weak. The more we can become aware of our good decision making and our less poor judgments, the stronger our minds will become. It is important this month that we rule our words and actions with wisdom and careful thought.

Justice Could Be Coming!

Truth has a very strong chance of prevailing now. Liars and manipulators will be brought to justice. This makes me think of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial hopefully beginning this month. This card may also have a message to Putin and that suppressing his opposition, Alexei Navalny, could back fire in more ways than protests. The bravery of these people is a clear demonstration that truth and justice can not be suppressed forever. I think the political world stage will be an interesting watch this month. Heads may roll under some very sharp swords of truth. Perhaps the Ace of Swords will force leaders such as Boris Johnson, to answer the questions that we have in a more direct and honest way. The tactic of political waffling does not fly now, with a 100,000 + deaths in the UK alone.

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