Trust in Goodness. Tarot Card of The Week, February 15, 2021.

Trust in Goodness, is Tarot card of the week, for February 15, 2021. We have the Greek Goddess, Eirene as our guide and she is our messenger of peace. We are receiving soothing reassurance for this week. It is so easy to lose hope and faith with all the happenings in our world but it is essential to trust in goodness at this time.

All Loving Power

Eirene’s keyword is ‘peace’. If we do’t feel there is enough of this in our world and in our lives, we have to make this for ourselves and others. How can we do this? Eirene holds a laughing baby in the card’s image and we see leaping dolphins jumping into the sea. These symbols represent joy and lightness. The corn and grapes in her other arm indicates that there is sustenance and wealth if we can trust in peace. This card advises us that, “Even though appearances may seem chaotic, I assure you that a higher plan is in action. This all-loving power is carrying and supporting you completely”. She tells us to put our focus into enjoying and appreciating each blessing as it comes. Gratitude will help us to receive even more blessings.

With this advice, it is good this week to:

  • Give your cares and worries over to the higher divine
  • Pray and meditate
  • Engage in peace enhancing activities such as yoga, sea salt baths, quiet time
  • Be playful and light with life

Our Personal Power

If we can focus our minds to trust in goodness, particularly our own goodness, which is a part of being human, this can create a lot of light and love into our experience and into the world.
Be the light that our world needs so badly right now. Be an envoy of peace and assurance. It’s time we come into our power and to trust we are innately loving and peaceful in our hearts.

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