Emotional Courage. Tarot Card of The Week, February 22nd, 2021.

Emotional Courage is Tarot Card of The Week, for February 22nd, 2021. We have chosen the Five of Cups, and it is such a timely reminder not to get fixated and caught up by our sadness. I say this on a collective level. It could be in our family, or our community, or for the world. Pisces time is ruling us, and this can make us feel much more sensitive. We are more aware of our unconscious and conscious grief. All is not lost though so take a look at these standing cups. Two are still full up.
We need to put our energy into what we still have and love it even more. This is the meaning of emotional courage.

These cups are what hold our hopes and dreams. Seeing them on the floor and its contents dissolving into the earth can feel so disheartening. When we choose to turn around and focus on the full cups, this is where we can develop emotional courage and have more faith in working with what can grow again, in a different way. This week, try to:

  • Not focus on what we feel is lost and we can not retrieve.
  • Look for where you can emotionally ‘re-grow’, hopes and dreams.
  • Not get fixated around any perceived failure and self disappointments.
  • Understand that without sadness and loss, we can not grow.
  • Make a list or journal how you relate to ’emotional courage’ and work with this.

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