Go Outside. Tarot Forecast for Week May 17th, 2021

Go outside, is this week’s energy forecast. We have chosen the beautiful Celtic Faery Goddess, Cordelia. I thought that this week I would choose from Doreen’s Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle deck. I think she is our perfect support this spring time. In the UK, we are now truly allowed out and about and spring seems to be fully in bloom. Cordelia is telling us to ‘go outside’ and connect with the fresh air and the nature that is energised with new life. We must remember through this card, that we are part of nature and that our winter cycle needs a good shake off now. 

If you are feeling a bit tired or run down this week, then go outside and look up into the sky and the trees. Being indoors can become a source of dullness and spending too long being cosy is not longer what we need. Sometimes, the best way to connect back to ourselves and what inspires us is just nature herself. The best things in life really are free and very simple. This week, try to connect with how calm and clear nature can make us feel.

This week:

Do something new that brings new life into your world. 

Plant your bare feet into the ground and walk in the grass for a good 15 mins. 

Slow down and just look at the trees and flowers that are constantly growing. 

Make a plan for something you can do outside this week, that is uplifting and joyful. 

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