Tarot Forecast for 2022

Our Tarot Forecast 2022, is looking like it will be a better for us, thankfully. I was quite surprised by the cards that were picked. They all look positive, although much of this reading revolves around our capacity to let go of old needs and dependencies. I am happy to see The Hanged man too. We could all do with reminders to stop or be stopped in our busy tracks. This card is a great opportunity to take advantage of the year’s quiet times too.

I am also happy to see Eight of Coins. Many of us might feel the pinch to catch up financially after the last two years of challenges. Eight of Coins gives us the change we need to be able to do this. This card is all about committed work, applying our best efforts to our success and growth. This 2022 Tarot Forecast, is showing that this year is going to be supportive for those of us who want to go from strength to strength.

I wish you all the very best for this coming year. let’s hope the challenges are less, but enough to keep us growing and learning about ourselves too.

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