Announcing New Tarot Webinar!

I am happy to be launching my new Tarot webinar via zoom. This is a great opportunity to learn Tarot, from anywhere in the world, with a fantastic growing Tarot community.

My latest class, will be on Monday June 27th, 6pm BST. ’Tarot as our Teacher; The cards that can wake us up.’ This 2+ hour class is only £30 or £32 if you use Paypal. This class is for those who have experience using the Tarot. Beginners are welcome to this webinar, but I will not be teaching the meaning of all the cards in detail.

I will be examining the cards that illustrate how we are ‘asleep’ and the cards that can help us to ‘wake up’ to the truth of reality, and to a fuller consciousness. This will be presented through a mix of Buddhist philosophy and Tarot symbolism. The class will be part talk by me and then all of us will select a card or two around the theme.

My monthly Tarot webinar is a relaxed and trusted place. I encourage my students to share by each of us having a go at reading some cards. This particular class is based more around learning. Other classes will be much more focused on reading for ourselves and others in the class.

My classes are deeply insightful. My 30 years+ knowledge comes from giving thousands of readings, and not from just books or youtube. I highly recommend that when you are in a learning phase, pick your Teachers CAREFULLY. Their interpretations can have a big influence on how well you will read in the future. I encourage my students strongly to tune in to the images for their own interpretations, along with my guidance to direct them the right way.

Try out a class, and discover what unique qualities and insight you have, and allow me to help you deepen your relationship and understanding of the cards.

Email me at to book your place. Or use my contact form on the bookings page.