Tarot Forecast for November 21st, Pain.

Tarot Forecast for November 21st. There is nothing nice about this week’s card, Ten of Swords. This air element card can cause pain, so look out and check your back. 

Be prepared for possible shock endings or hard lessons. You might find out who your real friends are this week too, or a past bad experience starts haunting your mind. Know it’s the influencing energies and do not give it momentum. What’s done is done. Don’t get caught up in your mind with regret, revenge or hatred. 

Make inner peace your shelter, if you feel harmed by others through their words and actions. Get real about how many people can ever truly be trusted. This will help mitigate any disappointments and pain this week. 

Something is ending and not in a good way. The wise thing to do is not stare at the dead body but instead bury it and walk away, determined to develop love and patience instead of vengeful anger and ruminating mental pains. It goes without saying the vast majority of murders are unpremeditated. Emotions run high, anger gets out of hand, and before we know it we murder something beautiful in our life and can’t take it back after the fact.

Politics could get ugly too this week, but then, isn’t it always? 

The times I’ve had this card repeat for me, were times exes broke my trust, were dishonest and above all were weak cowards. Sometimes it’s cowards who do the most damage.

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